About Us

We Are Group of Live Streamers

Animo Marketing Group provides a one stop international digital entertainment gateway which provides Event Organizing and Promotions, Online Streaming Agency Hosting Services, and E-Commerce all over the globe.

Animo Marketing Group’s Event Organizing and Promotions specialized on grandiose Event Management from Massive Corporate to your Intimate Events. Animo Marketing group will provide World Class Master of the Ceremonies and Dynamic Talents tailored to your every need.

Animo Marketing Group’s Online Streaming Agency Hosting Services focuses on specialized Talent Management for Online Streamers and Hosts on various social media services. Animo Marketing Group provides hands on coaching and support for Online Streamers and Hosts to cultivate talents and improve financial stability.

Animo marketing Group’s E-Commerce creates a hub for all e-commerce services from wide range everyday commodity to high-end products without compromising durability. Animo Marketing Group will not only advertise but also market the products on a high resolution and user-friendly platform.